S U S A N A is a board game. There is something preeminent in our way of thinking how to create a discourse that sometimes it difficult our freedom of thought and this game tries to avoid that. S U S A N A is a way of bringing the ideas down and shuffling them; it is a tool to start talking about things that we have not yet considered.

S U S A N A is a way of generating knowledge through conversation, rather than through a background of learned concepts or a pre-conceptualized theory. It would thus be a kind of maieutic free from the figure of the teacher or that shifts that figure to the figure of the cards. The main issue remains in the center and from there each participant becomes a source for the dialogue. 

S U S A N A has been initially developed by Mar Medina, Aimar Pérez Galí, Clara Tena and Carme Torrent in residency at Centre Choréographique National Roubaix Nord - Pas de Callais (France) and Graner - Centre de Creació del Cos i el Moviment - Barcelona (Spain).